About Us

Unlike other financial institutions, Chicago Municipal Employees Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative. We were formed in 1926 to serve employees of the City of Chicago, with our first office right inside City Hall. Though our field of membership has grown since then, we continue to be owned by the members who save and borrow here — people just like you.

With roots in the agricultural cooperatives of the 19th century, credit unions in the United States started in Massachusetts in 1909 and spread rapidly throughout the country during 1920’s and 1930’s. After World War II, credit unions continued to grow in numbers and asset size, and in the Seventies, they began to offer a wider variety of services, including checking accounts, IRA’s, and credit cards. Today, credit unions are a multi-billion dollar system of full-service financial institutions that helps millions of working people and their families to achieve financial success.

Because we are member-owned, everything we do is for the exclusive benefit of our members. As a result, you can count on us to provide truly responsive service, attractive rates, and the best financial products and services possible.