Home Equity Loans

CMECU Home Equity Line of Credit

See the Value Your Home Has to Offer

Your house. It’s the place you call home and the place you look forward to returning to after a long day’s work. But did you know that your home can also work for you? When you put the equity in your home to use with a CMECU home equity line of credit, you begin to truly see the value your home has to offer. A CMECU home equity line of credit is a smart way to access funds for whatever you need now or in the future. However you choose to use your home equity you’ll enjoy –Excellent service- Competitive rates-Pay no closing costs (if you qualified)-Apply online now-Convenient payment options.

Enjoy potential tax advantages. When you use a home equity line of credit, a portion of your interest may be tax-deductible. Because tax laws are complex and vary from state to state, it is a good idea to consult with your tax advisor about what portion of your interest may be tax-deductible based on your personal circumstances.
Use your home equity line for multiple needs now or in the future to:

  • Make home improvements
  • Consolidate high interest debt
  • New baby or wedding
  • Medical
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Finance an education

CMECU Home Equity Loan

A CMECU Home Equity Loan is one easy lump-sum disbursement and Offers Benefits that make it a Smart Choice

You have worked hard to buy your home and now you can make it work for you to help meet expenses for home improvements, debt consolidation or other major expenses or purchases.

At this very minute, there's something you need - perhaps it's a new car, repair work for the roof, or even a vacation. And as the owner of a home with equity, you have just what you need to fund those major purchases. With a great loan rate from CMECU, you can borrow a specific amount against the equity in your home for many reasons, including:

  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans

If you already have a home equity loan, you can refinance the loan to lower or fix your interest rate, lower your monthly payments, and receive a shorter loan term that will pay off more quickly, avoid a balloon payment, or simply receive more cash.

In addition to receiving the cash you need for the things you want, a CMECU home equity loan also offers benefits that make it a smart choice all around, including:

  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent Service
  • Pay no closing costs (if you qualified)
  • Convenient payment options
  • Apply Online 24/7
  • Fixed rates with predictable monthly payments
  • Potential tax advantages

What You'll Need to Apply

Home Equity at CMECU is simple, easy and fast. As lending experts, we offer superior service, selection and quality, making it quick and easy to get the loan or line of credit you want. To apply online or in person you will need the:

  • Name, address, telephone number and Social Security Number for all applicants.
  • Monthly or annual income from employment and other sources.
  • Current Mortgage Lender(s) name and balance of mortgage(s) — including second mortgages.
  • Estimated current value of your home and insurance information.